Welcome to Networking Masters, a new concept in tourism and hospitality.

Networking Masters connects players in the tourism and hospitality industry with men and women looking for a new way to enjoy business travel and to network. Networking Masters: the renaissance of conviviality.

Networking Masters is a collection of trusted service providers across hotels, restaurants and leisure providers across Europe, and soon worldwide, from which business travellers select the accommodation, restaurants, and activities that best suit their needs and help them connect with other business people.

Networking Masters is a new label of innovative standards in the tourism and hospitality industry.




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Hotels, Restaurants

Would your hotel, restaurant, or attraction like to have access to a new community of business men and women as potential clients? People who trust your brand and your promise to go the extra mile?

Networking Masters is an opportunity for your organisation to become an accredited member of an exclusive group that offers valuable services to business and leisure travelers, and to people seeking networking opportunities.



Do you often travel alone? Imagine finding a way to connect with new people and ideas on your next trip. People you might not normally have access to – or even know about.

Networking Masters is the opportunity for you to meet a new group of people in a safe and enjoyable setting. Networking Masters resources can take the stress out of planning your personal travel too.


Who can become a member?

Organisations active in the tourism and hospitality industry can request accreditation. Once accredited the Networking Masters label makes them easily recognizable for travellers.

Anyone interested in setting up this new network and having the latest updates on events and new networking masters can become a connection of networking masters.